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I hope you enjoy reading through these poems. I write them on the spot as inspiration hits me. Occasionally I will post a few old poems of mine as well. Please comment!

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Candle Light

Flicker, flicker, flicker,
most perfect candle light,
you beckon me in daytime,
you guide me through the night,
your scents float carelessly closer,
my breathing takes you in,
flicker, flicker, candle
until you end and I begin.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Born Again

I am in awe.
I am inspired and moved in ways unexplainable,
I am changed and I'm new, and I have strength, though I'm feeble.
I am at the beginning, a new life begins
The change that I'm feeling is taking me in...
I'm in awe.  My body's shocked...
I'm rocked... it's like the clock has stopped.
All I hear is the Earth...
and I am born again.

Quiet House

When the house is quiet, and the candles are burning,
and the scents fill the air, all twirling and swirling,
and the Christmas lights shine from the tree in the corner,
and the cats are all cuddling with me, making me warmer,
and my coffee cup steams and smells of fresh brew,
and my laptop screen hums as I write this to you,
these are the times cherished most you see,
when the house is quiet, and all is at peace.


There is no way to measure the worth,
of the truest friends I have on Earth.
To say that they're priceless is ordinary and vague,
and not quite true; there is a price to pay.
To have great friends, one must put forth payment,
but not in the form of cash, gifts, or fake things.
Instead the price you pay for friends,
is to understand that one day life ends,
and you'll have to release them, though it may hurt
but that is the cost, for what friendship's worth.
For the laughter, the joy, the companionship too,
for the stories, the glories, the things you've been through,
for the hand to hold and the shoulder to cry on,
for the parties, the kisses, the hugs and the fun,
for all of these things, the price that you pay,
is simply understanding that it all goes away.
So make the most of this day with your family and friends,
because we never quite know when the journey ends,
and before you pay that inevitable price,
make the most of their love, their friendship, and their life.