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I hope you enjoy reading through these poems. I write them on the spot as inspiration hits me. Occasionally I will post a few old poems of mine as well. Please comment!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I awoke from a dream that had entered my soul
and pulled at my heart til I cried
I stopped at a realization I had
that I had to live life, not just live to survive
So I climbed out of bed and I sat on my own
thinking and pausing and thinking some more
Wanting an answer for something unknown
But finding more questions; so I stood from the floor
Then I sat down to write you but knew not what to say
My fingers lay calmly and still on my keys
I tried to find words but found tears on the way
for things I had done, to you and to me
What can I say to make up for the past?
The fact that I loved you, and never let you know
What can I do to feel happy again?
Admit my mistakes, learn from them, and let go
I want to be bold, make life worth it again
Tell everyone just how I feel in my heart
Would you listen? Would you know, that I meant every word?
Or would everything I know simply all fall apart?
I want to feel better, not pessimistic and low
But something is holding me back it seems
I somehow how found words to the letter I sent
But the lack of response still lingers in me
So here I sit now, still wondering how
I can make my sweet dream come to life
Yet wondering is part of the answer I feel
as it gives me the strength that I need to get by
But is getting by all that I want? No, No!
I need to be living each day instead
And loving each moment, and feeling each breath
as it brings hope for a future that I dreamt in my head
Hope for a future where I'm not alone
Hope for a future with beauty and truth
Hope for a future that is all my own
Hope for a future with you.

In Your Arms

There was a brief moment in time,
when life was perfect and I was free,
that was the moment, yours and mine,
when you held me in your arms.

There were no worries, no troubles, no fears,
my trembling body, my forthcoming tears,
all vanished away at the strength of your touch,
when you held me in your arms.


Searching in uncharted places
for things that you don't even know
Trying to find all the answers
to questions you can't even own
Running away from your own self
casting a spell of shame
Trying to find who you really are
all while trying to hide from the blame
Living from moment to moment
knowing the moment might end
Finding a love in the darkness
finding the light again
Knowing you're more than you're thinking
but feeling much less than you are
Looking for each new horizon
and riding on each night's new star
You could make an end to your journey
you could stop all the fear and the strife
but if you end it all now at it's hardest
you lose the meaning and beauty of life