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Friday, April 1, 2011


I am what some might call
a bit of a... free-spirit.
I am not to be confined,
not to be constrained!
I am a troubled soul.
But one who encounters the world
with a view so pure and full of love,
that, it must make up for the faults!

I try to be as sensible as I can
but the world just doesn't make sense.
(It's too concerned with hate and pretense.)
But as I am alive; I am in peace;
and in the spirit of life I want to live!!
before I die.
So because of this... I am often ostracized?

I may be a free-spirit, and I may be a freak,
but I am who I am; 
I am love; I am me.
A free-spirit?
A free-spirit is what I am proud to be.