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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Poem About You

You're a bright ray of light in the darkness of night,
You turn dull boring days into dreams,
You melt away sadness with the lightest of touches,
at least that's the way that it seems.

I have yet to see you in a negative state,
though the world around us is bleak,
I wish I could make a place in your heart,
for me; a place I could keep.

And keep it I would; keep it safe, keep it warm,
I would keep it filled up with my love,
The love of a friend, the love of a soul,
who believes in peace and in love.

And together we can spread that love to the world,
and stop that desire to fight,
and if you know that this poem is all about you,
well then, you know... you're probably right.

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